Thermos Food Jar

Thermos food jar

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A thermos food jar can help you transport food while maintaining its temperature.

What is a thermos food jar?

A thermos food jar is like a thermos flask, but meant to carry food rather than liquids. Of course, you can also transport liquids in it if you like.

A thermos food jar keeps food warm or cold. A good lid prevents spillage. A thermos wide-mouth food jar can allow you to carry more chunky foods, and even soups.

A thermos insulated food jar will enable you to carry lunch and other meals outside, without the food changing temperature. For instance, if you want to keep your child’s lunch warm, you can pack it in a kid’s thermos food jar. It will stay warm throughout the school day, and your child will be able to enjoy a delicious, warm lunch. Alternatively, you can pack cold foods in a thermos jar, and they will stay cool until you decide to eat them.

How does a thermos work?

A thermos flask or food jar works by using vacuum technology. It is essentially a small flask within a larger flask. The small flask is usually of a specially material that will trap the heat and not conduct it outwards. It’s placed within the larger flask, and both are separated by a gap of air. This air is them sucked out to create a vacuum, and then the vacuum is sealed. Previously, vacuum flasks were sealed using cork, but these days they’re sealed using plastic. The thermos is closed using an insulated cap, so that no heat can escape outwards. That’s why thermoses can keep food at the same temperature for a long time.

Why are thermos food jars useful?

Thermos food jars are becoming more and more popular these days as more people want to take food from home. At the same time, nobody likes to eat an unappetizing lunch, so it’s important to try to maintain a good temperature for the food carried. Finally, if the food changes temperature rapidly or stays outside for too long, food can go bad. This is especially dangerous if you’re sending food with a child, since children are more prone to falling ill.

A thermos food jar helps to keep food at the same temperature, and prevents food going bad. They are simultaneously easy to carry and practical to use. They don’t take up too much room in your or your child’s bag, and there are also special thermos leak proof food jar with extra secure-fitting lids, that prevent liquid foods like soups and stews from leaking.

What are the different types of thermos food jar?

There are many different types of food jars, since these jars are popular with both children and adults. For children, there are colourful and pretty kids thermos food jars including Hello Kitty funtainer food jar and the thermos coolkidz food jar. Thermos stainless steel food jar and thermos foogo food jar are models that are popular with adults.

With so many different types of thermos food container products out there, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find one you like!

Update 2018:

The most popular food jars in 2018

According to Amazon the best thermoses so far are:

  • 1. Zojirushi SM-SA60-BA
  • 2. Thermos Stainless King 40
  • 3. Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle (actually this thermos considered the best for too many years. Can't recommend it enough.)
  • 4. Thermos Stainless King 68
  • 5. Zojirushi SM-KHE48AG

You can see that Zojirushi gained popularity since 2017. Thermos and Stanley brands are always in our TOP 5.